[Noisebridge-discuss] okay, so no lockers. just forget it.

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Y'know, despite my 3 am insomia absurdity, I think most of us could
compromise on opaque lockers if people agreed to not lock them or
intentionally obfuscate the airholes.

Opaque containers keep clutter out of sight, which improves the LOOK of the
space, and not locking them (or agreeing that all locks will be subject to a
new lockpicking Sunday project) would resolve most issues people have.

But for the purpose of just making cluttered shelves look neat and organized
and increasing storage if there's a need right now, would large, clear
plastic drawers (similar to some smaller ones I've seen in the space) be
more appropriate, since it both organizes cluttered storage AND keeps the
open transparency of the space?

I mean, anyone can install lockers at nb, but I echo concerns below that
people will just "hack" them to be more transparent out of principal at this

On Feb 17, 2011 10:51 AM, "Jared Dunne" <jareddunne at gmail.com> wrote:


You missed me on the support list.  I support the plan as is without
modification.  That said, I think Moxie's suggestion on how to
perceive and channel the dissenting feedback/concerns is on point.

Given the popular history of do-acracy at Noisebridge and the
parameters of this plan, it sounds like it's a candidate for
autonomous action.  Personally, that's not how I'd proceed given the
level of dissent around your plan, since it would be a huge waste of
your time and money if you acquired and installed the lockers
docractically, then someone docractically kicked them to the curb the
next day.

Personally, I think it's cool that you've sought out people's opinions
on list, but I don't think you necessarily should try to reach
consensus on this list.  If you want to reach consensus on this item,
the Tuesday meeting seems the better forum.  If people on this list
feel strongly enough about the topic they can drag their butts into
the main hall on Tuesday to participate in the formal Consensus
process.  Of course it's up to you if you want to kill the proposal
prior to doing so.


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