[Noisebridge-discuss] Arduino Buying Tips?

Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 18:48:31 UTC 2011

I encourage newcomers, especially those new to electronics and 
breadboarding, to use the Duemilanove, since most tutorials and examples 
you encounter will use this, reducing translation hurdles.

Disclosure: I sell Duemilanoves, so might be considered biased, but the 
reason I sell them is for this very reason.

Duemilanoves are $30 each which includes tax. Pickup at my workshop in 
Berkeley or we arrange to meet either where I teach (SFSU, CCA 
(Oakland), Crucible, and AiCA), or elsewhere in SF or East Bay.

On 02/21/2011 01:52 AM, Jared Dunne wrote:
> Hi All-
> Any warnings or tips for a first time Arduino buyer?
> I was currently considering either the Arduino UNO or Arduino
> Duemilanove w/ ATmega328.  They seem like the most ubiquitous options.
>   I like that there are all sorts of shields designed for them.  I like
> that I can just use a standard USB cable for power/programming.  I
> don't have any specific project requirements, but I'd like something
> that is versatile enough, so I will be able to use it for a variety of
> ideas without hitting too many limitations.
> Does it matter if I get the newer UNO versus the Duemilanove
> ATmega328?  Is there something altogether different I should be
> considering?
> I have considered the Boarduino/Volksduino kit but would prefer
> something I can start hacking with out of the box.
> Thanks in advance for any advice!
> Jared-
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