[Noisebridge-discuss] lets all go for a drive and chill out...

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 09:02:54 UTC 2011

I keep coming here because I'd like to make the space better. To see 
something that doesn't completely "work" and walk away from it is 
totally against the hacker mentality.  Say what you will about my 
approach, but at least I try.  I continue to make effort despite all 
these bad vibes and misunderstandings because that's what life is all about.

The people that seem to have the most issues with me are the people that 
are never here and whom I've not been able to have any sort of bonding 
experience.  The people that I actually interact with on a daily basis I 
consider my friends and co-workers, even if I don't always get along 
with them.

I've made a conscious effort to get as many of you in my car as I can 
for off-site bonding, whether it's:
* midnight anime marathon at Bridge Theater (Jason, Simon, Benny),
* fieldtrip to Google & Hacker Dojo in Mountain View (Fabian, Benny, John),
* Underground market to sell kombucha (rosanna, benny, fabian),
* shooting range in South San Francisco (Isky, Nate, Benny, Fabian, John 
- plus me and my dog - all in my little sedan at once), and
* new year's fireworks at Embarcadero (Mike Khan, Simon, Benny, Fabian).

Seeing each other outside of Noisebridge seems to make it easier for 
everybody to get along. Of all my experiences at Noisebridge, the 
experiences of doing things with people outside of Noisebridge that I've 
met here are the experiences I value the most.


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