[Noisebridge-discuss] FLG needs more help!

meredith scheff satiredun at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 19:47:44 UTC 2011

Flaming Lotus Girls are looking for more volunteers. I'm working with them
and it's super fun!

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hello friendly people,

Its wednesday, yet again. We have had some true rockstars in the shop
lately, getting it done. Paulie is leading the charge on getting the truss
pieces in, our fillets are getting welded up by Jessika and Sterling, Lou
and Co. are making astounding progress on the saccules, our firebox crew is
raring to go, and Anthony and Laura have taken on the much needed task of
getting the racks underway. There are some unseen heros behind the scenes,
taking care of the never ending logistics of burning man, tickets, early
arrivals and more. Mills and Julie have us nearly sorted for tickets, Pink
Jess has been doing an amazing and exceedingly competent job of kitty
wrangling for on playa shifts, Lou and Cheryl have already started filling
our on-playa tool kit, and Jordana has been doing an incredible job putting
together the party for saturday! We have a wonderful team of people working
to make this all happen, and each and everyone has my very sincere thanks
and gratitude for their time and effort.

That said, we need more hands in the shop. I know, theres a need to get your
camp items together, outfits prepped, ect.... but keep in mind the container
leaves several days before most people. You'll have a good couple days to
rest up and pack. We need you now.

This week's meeting brings us:

Updates from various peoples
Mesh: probably not so much. :(
Burning man early arrival/tickets
Build food plan
Fire safety class (sunday, 10am)
Friday night hoedown? Space Cowboys are asking.

get to work!

can I get a volunteer to be the chief kitty wrangler for tonight?
Its enormously helpful to everyone!

We are in the shop, every night, many days, and all the weekends.


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