[Noisebridge-discuss] Help with Video Editing of the Egyptian Uprising

Tiare Noelle tiarenoelle at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 09:39:54 UTC 2011

Hello Noisebridge!
My name is Tiare. I've been coming to Noisebridge for almost a month now
and am thrilled to be a part of the stimulating collective environment it
provides.  I've been working on a video project that contains footage I shot
during the uprising in Egypt from January 25th - March 3rd of this
year with a Canon EOS 60D.  Most of the footage I shot is in Tahrir Square
and captures the creation of the tent city there, the hullabaloo of
rioters, vendors, and sweeping nationalism (Egyptian flags a plenty) as
well as interviews with people in the Square. I plan to return to Egypt in
late January of next year and collect follow-up footage/interviews a year
after the protests first broke out there. I feel this could be a very
powerful piece especially at this point in time, where there is a
monumental collective change of consciousness globally with the outbreak of
and continuing uprisings that are going on. I feel Egypt may have not only
inspired but also set the precedent for a lot of these movements
happening in the world now. I do plan for it not to be a piece with an
opinion or a bias, just a very honest and human portrait of Egypt during
these very turbulent times.
With that said, I am looking for help editing a trailer that I can show to
possible producers/investors that may help get funding for this project, or
to simply put on kickstarter and help to raise funds for better
camera/sound equipment and a ticket back to Cairo to document the city and
its people, as well as surrounding cities, post elections.
If there is anyone (who knows anyone etc) who has moderate to advanced
knowledge of Final Cut Pro or After Effects, I could definitely use the
help in piecing together (editing) this footage together artfully.  I only
have very basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro.
Please contact me if there is someone out there.  I can do a trade of
photography or video, or make dinner, martinis, dinner and
martinis, tailor suit jackets, or possibly give a percentage of whatever
funds I manage to raise for this project to whoever helps me edit it and
thus make it possible.
Tiare Noelle Ribeaux
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