[Noisebridge-discuss] A modest proposal.

Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Thu Feb 9 00:38:21 UTC 2012

Problem:  Noisebridge has some security / personal safety issues.

Definition of problem:  In what seems to be an escalating series of
conflicts, many paying members and contributing community members have
become concerned about their own safety.  In addition to that
fundamental concern there is the more grandiose concern that the
culture of Noisebridge and its community is suffering.

Requirements to address problem:

Members of noisebridge must feel safe at noisebridge.

The culture of noisebridge with a specific eye towards the universal
openness and acceptance of people in it's mission to share knowledge
and expertise must be preserved.

Solution Proposal:

Close noisebridge at 11pm PST every weekday and close at midnight on
Friday and Saturday evenings.

And I mean universally closed.  No exclusions and no exceptions.  Like
last call at a bar.  You can always go home but you can't stay here.


No more crazy vagrants show up in the late hours to prey upon folks.
No more crashing at noisebridge by homeless jerkfaces who like to ruin
a good thing for everyone.
No more drunks showing up to annoy people.
No more risk of getting jacked up on your way to the bart / bus / bike
/ hanglider... etc because the sun is not around.
No impact on the open nature of the space, as when the space is
available all are welcome.


Mission Accomplished.

  - Matt Joyce

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