[Noisebridge-discuss] question about selling 3D models as business

pat at patsanimation.com pat at patsanimation.com
Sun Feb 5 05:20:15 UTC 2012

Hi all on NB list:

I have a question that came from a trip to eastern Europe, where I  
visited some cool people at hackerspaces.

I made a contact with a creative aussie/czech guy that seems to  
present business opportunity.  For others, or just for him, I don't  
know- I'm asking as a favor right now just because he's cool.

It would involve selling 3D models, and I'm not very familiar with how  
much business activity there is for that.

Very brief search turns up some site like this:
This says users keep maybe 50% of price...

If you consider ebay or etsy as platforms to start a business, they  
can be pretty good.  If you consider Lulu, cafepress or the like, not  
so good.  Those can be good for promotion or to add options for a  
personal site, but their cut is so high that profit mostly goes to  
them. I'm keeping this in mind while wondering if a platform may  
already exist.

Maybe this guy's idea would be best for starting his own thing, or  
partnering with someone who is.  That seems like a lot of work but it  
would tie in to some things already going.  I promised to help him  
check it out, since I work at a large school that does a lot of 3D  
animation- and I think this list could have helpful feedback too.


Patrick Lake
450 South Van Ness Ave #1
San Francisco, CA 94103

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