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Thu Feb 16 09:05:22 UTC 2012

On 2/15/2012 11:47 PM, rachel lyra hospodar wrote:
> Re closing the space at 11pm.
> I maintain that crippling our essential services is a lame way to 
> solve this problem, and I am frustrated with the unwillingness of some 
> to acknowledge the importance, to many members of our membership and 
> community, of late-night hacking.

It sounds like *closing the space at 11pm* will not happen, and I really 
hope that's true, because if it does happen, I'll be less of a part of 
Noisebridge than I already am. (I hung out at NB practically every day 
for 2 months! Working, writing, cooking, being a goofball. But that 
ended when I lost my spot in the Mission.) The most amazing thing to me 
was the Always Open-ness of the space. Prior to that, being 
semi-homeless at the time and an inveterate night owl, I was relegated 
to what few options exist for those of the vampire persuasion - say, 
Sparky's diner, where it's "pay your waiter as you go", or the 24 Hour 
Starbucks (only one in the City) at California and Spruce. I've always 
been a late-nighter. Fuck it, let's not mince words, I've always been an 
all-nighter. I remember being 14 years old in Mt. Rainier National Park 
reading Marvel comic books til the sun came up at 6am, then going to 
sleep just as other people were waking up. I loved that - still do. What 
can I say? I'm backwards.

Apologies if anyone has already suggested this (I simply haven't been 
able to read the mass of messages over the past week or two) - and this 
may be my one and only useful suggestion in this seemingly endless 
debate - but maybe it would be a good idea to *close Noisebridge for one 
week to all but a predetermined group of paid up members and other 
central people*. During that week, you could do a thorough cleaning and 
organizing of the space (without throwing anyone's member materials 
out), install whatever new door system you decide on, and then start 
fresh. You could warn people in advance - like a 2-week notice starting 
tomorrow - to get their stuff out if it's not legitimate member stuff 
(i.e. oogle backpacks, troll bags, goblin suitcases), so there would be 
no legit excuse for crapping one's diaper afterwards because one's 
inappropriately-stashed-in-the-first-place crap gets (re)moved.

It's not a cookie, mother, it's a /newton./

Carry on, then.


The Whimsical Wizard of ZiP
ZiP: Zine in Progress

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