[Noisebridge-discuss] Represent Yourself! An UnConference @ Noisebridge THIS WEEKEND!

Jenny Ryan jenny at thepyre.org
Fri Mar 16 04:13:55 UTC 2012

Greetings Noisebridgers!

Represent Yourself! <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Represent_yourself>
An Unconference for Horizontalist
at Noisebridge Hackerspace, 2169 Mission St.
March 15-18

The (fUn)Conference for Horizontalist Organizers has begun! Today's
reception was a productive mapping of attendee resources and potential
talks, panels and workshops. Topics will range from teaching digital
literacy skills to hacking education, decolonizing gender and practicing
compassion in action, nonviolent communication and facilitation skills, as
well as more hands-on workshop activities such as knot-tying, soldering,
gift circles and cooking for the masses!

True to the nature of thte unconference process, the schedule for the
weekend is dynamic and unfolds alongside the feedback produced by
participants- possibly you! Setup begins tomorrow at noon, with sessions
and workshops running from 2-8. On Saturday, sessions, workshops, and talks
will run from 12-8. On Sunday, we will begin at 2pm and run until our
keynote speaker, Richard Stallman, takes the stage at 6pm to talk about the
genesis of GNU and the free software movement.

Check out the evolving schedule and suggested topic list here, and add your
own suggestions as well!

Looking forward to an exciting horizontal weekend! ;)

JennY, Rachel, Adam and the rest of the crew
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