[Noisebridge-discuss] xray machine improvements

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Apr 17 08:50:19 UTC 2013

>> I was told to take pictures in a different format next time, maybe RAW 
>> format.
> That might help a bit if you are having color level issues.  But I think 
> the real problem is lack of resolution since the xrays don't come from a 
> point source.

aha!  well good thing i have a nice dental xray unit by Ritter.  Is that 
a point source?  I don't know.

>> Also i think x-rays were hitting the camera despite the glass screen i 
>> put in there.
> Unleaded glass doesn't stop xrays - Shards of glass are nearly invisible 
> to CT scans when people get glass embedded in their bodies.

xrays come in many colors, and the xrays coming from this machine are much 
lower energy (not to be confused with intensity) than the xrays used in 
doctor or dentist's offices.  This xray machine (a 2X2A vacuum tube 
powered by a taser) puts out, according to Dr. X, "about 17 to 20 KeV"

the metal enclosure of a doctor's xray machine, and the aluminum 
"collimator" installed over the xray output of same, blocks xrays below i 
think about 30 KeV because they are so easily absorbed by flesh they are 
not worth hitting people with, because they don't provide useful contrast.

Those low energy xrays, like we are using, are easily absorbed by glass, 
even non-lead glass, according to Dr. X.  Of course, we can easily 
experiment by putting a piece of glass on the other side of the 
scintillator and trying to x-ray it.

I can't make it to 5MOF this thursday, do you want to run the machine for 

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