[Noisebridge-discuss] Square Punches query on another thread.

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 21:14:05 UTC 2013

Decades ago one of my duties involved gasoline pumps. The temptation for an
Orwellian joke about Chocolate rations aside, prices went from a previous
<.99 to over $1.00.

Which needed a new hole through the front panel so that the pump's newly
updated analog computer dollar's value digit was visible to customers.

The obvious hack of drilling one round hole was not accepted by State
Authority and they decreed a square or rectangular opening as mandatory..

Nibblers etc would shatter the porcelain finish of some pump fronts and we
discovered that a "Greenlee" square punch was less damaging. But they were
then and now pricey in those sizes.  So we would take the pump panels back
to the shop and broach them with an arbor press. Well- to my recall..NB
does not own a decent arbor press though there may be a bottle jack

Reason for mentioning this is centering on the fact that some arbor presses
are also useful for art embossing and thusly can be funded as a multiple
use toolset. And square dies for arbor presses can cut things beyond mere
metal that are useful for art. Just saying this as a set of suggestions.

Oren Beck

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