[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge's Wacky DNS Issues

Joe Black joeblack949 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 20:42:46 UTC 2013

I was just logging into Readmill, which is a social book reading app for the ipad, and got a very fishy response, a screenshot is worth a thousand words  

I was noticing yesterday some ads in the sidebar were doing something similar. Immediately it seemed like someone had poisoned the DNS cache so I switched my dns server to google's ( and all the problems went away.

I would hardly like to call that a permanent solution however. I'm sure many of us know google uses that DNS server to log even more personal information about those that use it. There are alternatives like of course but I just thought this seemed kinda shady, if I were new to the space or computing I'd wonder why noisebridge's wiki was trying to catch an open auth request.

Also I'm wondering since I'm not all that versed in mediawiki, are you able to embed javascript into mediawiki? how hard would it be for someone with the basic credentials to create a new page on the wiki to create this page for nefarious purposes?

I knew I shouldn't have let that VPN subscription lapse a month ago…

: joeblack949 at gmail.com

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