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On 10/16/2013 1:41 PM, Liz Henry wrote:
> This is the second time you have used your "volunteering" for SF Women 
> Against Rape, SF-WAR, to give yourself credibility in a discussion 
> about sexual harassment. I would like to ask, in what capacity did you 
> volunteer with them, or in what capacity are you volunteering now?

i did leafleting for one of their fundraisers in 2011, a comedy show. If 
you like, you can call the SFWAR office to confirm this. My contacts 
there include Erica Guajardo Johnson and Frolayne Carlos. Here's an 
excerpt from my application, from 2011:

"I am committed to ending sexual violence, and violence in all it's 
forms. As a straight male, who comes from a family of strong, powerful 
women, I feel men have a responsibility to understand the dynamics and 
history of sexual abuse. Sexual violence has it's roots in economic 
injustice, religious doctrine, jealousy and insecurity."

> I would expect you to know better than to joke around about rape in 
> this way.

Please retract that statement, it is totally untrue. i never, ever, ever 
joked about rape. That is absolutely false, a completely inaccurate 

> SF-WAR has extensive training in order to volunteer in their program.

that is only for volunteering which involves working with victims of rape.

> I don't like the way you cite your supposed activist work against rape 
> in order to legitimize your actions.

i mention it to counter suggestions that i'm insensitive to abuse, not 
to legitimize anything.

> From my point of view, you said this as a deliberate provocation on a 
> public mailing list

i was not at all trying to provoke-- in fact, i was stunned when Mike 
commented on it. If you read my message and understand my meaning, 
you'll see i was intentionally using exaggerated language to draw 
attention to Gio's exaggerated use of "vandal, thief" etc, about his 

> You said it because you think you can get away with it.

that is false, and you are making an accusation without any basis other 
than your own assumptions. It did not even occur to me that the word 
might violate any policy. I do not think i can "get away" with anything, 
and i believe everyone at NB should be held to the same standards.

> this is your pattern for your real life behavior, as well as your 
> mailing list behavior.  You push a boundary, then act like it was ok

you'll need to provide some examples of this. It is true that i have 
opinions, and i state them, and some people disagree with my opinions. I 
cannot help that. It's not my intention to "push boundaries" by stating 
my opinions.

i always make a conscious effort to be considerate of other people's 
boundaries, physical or otherwise, when i interact with them on a 
personal level. I have never been accused of harassment.

> I do not think you would be a good choice for a person to work as a 
> volunteer for rape crisis or resource center, because your judgment 
> about sexual harassment and basic personal boundaries is very poor.

you barely know me, having interacted with me at one or two noisebridge 
meetings and on-list. you have absolutely no basis to judge my judgement 
or my qualifications for anything. Please stop psychoanalyzing me.

Johny Radio

Stick It In Your Ear!

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