[Noisebridge-discuss] reasoning about the kitchen

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 19:24:28 UTC 2014

From: "rachel lyra hospodar" <rachelyra at gmail.com>

>Before Jesse and Will called the cops on cynthia, she headed up an 
>ongoing cleaning effort that was pretty epic. I suspect that cynthia's 
>cleaning efforts were part of what kept the kitchen space usable then. 
>Perhaps she would like to be part of a cleaning working group. Crazy 
>people like being part of a community, too.

J: Your description seems a mix of pros and cons. Both should be 
weighed: the good should outweigh the bad, and the bad can't be TOO bad. 
No one person knows all the good and bad about someone. I suggest all 
non-hackers who are or want to be a permanent part of NB:

     -have user-pages on the wiki
     -get endorsements from members (any type) on their userpage
     -be required to do volunteer hours (like members)
     -not be allowed to lead any WG (members only)
     -not be allowed to sit on any Working Groups (unless permitted by 
the WG leaders)
     -some way to keep history of bad behavior (as reported by members 
only). Eg:
         -got cops called on her (need to record why)
         -moved hacking tables into kitchen after members removed kitchen 

RLH: "I suspect that cynthia's cleaning efforts were part of what kept 
the kitchen space usable then."

J: But for who? For herself and other non-hackers?

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