[Noisebridge-discuss] Case to Ban Robin by N0_Hat

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Robin Case

Racist remarks made, use of the word Nigger (testimony given to
Council Member Monad and Ron) from person who wishes to stay Anon.
Racist remarks made, to Qbit, direct quote after Qbit asked to be left
alone, "catholics dont share. jews do. thanks for sharing."

Deliberate Intimidation, Anon had food and was asked to share by
robin, Anon denied politely stating this is my only dinner and was
heckled, later Anon was approached my Robin who said "you didn't share
your food with me earlier, that made me very unhappy, you dont want to
make me unhappy." This was done is a aggressive authoritarian manner
that invaded space and was referred by Anon who was the victim as
bulling. Both council Members Ron and Monad heard this testimony first
hand from non who is afraid to speak in meeting due to prior bullying
and threatening experience from Robin.

Sustained disruption, Intimidation, and persistent uninvited
communication: N0_Hat, asking recently appointed Council Member Robin
to give space and having to repeat myself with greater and greater
intensity till the point of screaming at recently appointed Council
Member Robin to get away from me. This incident has occurred at least
6 times in the span of two months. In one indecent I was defended by a
random person in noisebridge who said, "hay you have to respect other
people space in noisebridge" to which recently appointed Council
Member Robin uses deliberate intermediation invading the persons
personal space and saying, "excuse-me are you a guest or a member,
because i am a council member so mabye you should shut-up and mind
your own business" to which i reply, "Robin you do not that the power
other than to vote and block under council member status, do now bully
people with your Council member status as justification." I have
clearly stated to recently appointed Council Member Robin to never
talk to me from the very first incident yet he has ignored this time
and time again, it should also be noted that this behavior started the
moment he was made Council Member. 

Unwelcome sexual attention and persistent uninvited communication:
non-member Pearl, female guest of Qbit
Presistent uninvited communication: Wishes to Stay anon can be
verified on request with Anon's permission. 

 Responsibility  to be considerate of the comfort levels of others was
ignored completely and Robin was asked to stop any harassing behavior
and was expected to comply immediately but did not  time after time,
notification after notification, mediation after mediation for span of
2 months. 

The council members have proven themselves to be inefficient and
effective and incompetent in this manner to deal with recently
appointed Council Member Robin and his pattern of behavior of

Council members who were notified of this behavior were James, JC, 
Madylin, Kevin, Monad, Justin, Al, Tom, Ron over the span of the last 
two months about pattern of Harassment Behavior.
Council members who tried to mediate and failed, JC, Madylin, Kevin,
Monad, Justin
Members who tried to mediate, Howard
Non-Members who tried to mediate, Romone.

4 false sexual harrassment made by robin
1 made toward N0_Hat, groundless and proven false 
3 made toward Qbit, groundless and proven false
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