[Noisebridge-discuss] Machine Learning: Thursday, 1/16 @ 7pm

Mike Schachter cubicgoats at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 20:19:50 UTC 2014

Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder that we are having a Machine Learning
meetup at Noisebridge in the Church room (Northeast corner classroom), at
7pm this Thursday, January 16th. There will be a class targeted towards
beginners to machine learning. Very basic programming knowledge, like using
variables, arrays, and loops, would be helpful.

The schedule will go something like this:

7:00pm - 7:30pm
Project Talks, and SAGE and ebook distribution - People interested in
presenting ideas for projects can stand up and share their ideas for
projects to find collaborators. USB keys with SAGE and machine learning
resources will be handed out for installation.

7:30pm - 8:30pm
Project people can break off and continue collaborating. For beginners and
all other interested parties, I'll give an interactive tutorial on
regression via SAGE worksheets and the projector.

Hope to see you there! If you're interested in getting a head start:

Noisebridge ML Wiki Page:

SAGE Download:


P.S. The intro classes will be recurring, probably every 1-1.5 months, so
don't freak out if you can't make it! I will also consider teaching the
intro class on a weekend if there is enough demand. If you're interested in
helping out to teach or create course material please contact me or solicit
the mailing list(s).
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