[Noisebridge-discuss] Page 86 and the theft done by Ruslan "Rus" Klyuev (aka "aero")

Kevin Mitnick kevin.mitnick at outlook.com
Sun Feb 22 20:11:06 UTC 2015

> A while ago we at Sudoroom decided to ban "Rus" for stealing.>> He asked us not to and pled his innocence, but we did so anyway.> > Shortly afterward, he did something bad at Noisebridge (which you can read > about on the 86 page if you like) and he was officially banned from > Noisebridge and thus double-banned from Sudoroom, whatever.
Right here we have evidence that he did in fact steal stuff.
> Anyway, he asked me in IRC to please remove his full name from the wiki:> >> "I'd really appreciate it if my first and last name were removed from the>>  page. Rus alias "aero" would suffice, I think. I just don't want my>> potential employers stumbling onto the 86 page and seeing that I was>>  fucked up at the hackerspace."> > I did so and I didn't think it was a problem.  Then on 2015-1-29:>>  Scotty:>>  Undo revision 46439 by Jake (talk) Adding Back Rus's full name. It's>>  important for NB and other hackerspaces who we share ban info with to>>  have full, unique identifiers on people we've banned.
And now he's asking for details about his transgressions to be removed from the wiki and you're okay with that?
> personally, I don't think it's necessary to have his full name on the wiki > and it could interfere with his employment.  It's not like he injured > anyone.  Anyway at least the group should decide.
So Jake, are you okay with thievery and don't mind seeing potential employers hiring a potential threat? If so, you're everything wrong with Noisebridge. We have had constant problems with theft and still are and yet you're trying to give thieves a pass. I cannot believe you'd condone this un-neighborly behavior.
It's bad enough that when I last visited that my phone walked away "on its own" and nobody seemed to care.
- Kev
Kevin Mitnick
(May or may not be the Kevin you think I am)
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