[Noisebridge-discuss] Page 86 and the theft done by Ruslan "Rus" Klyuev (aka "aero")

Harry Moreno morenoh149 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 20:39:22 UTC 2015

I'm on the side of not publishing fullnames. I believe personal info should
have an expiration date. The purpose of the NB 86 page is to help improve
the NB community. We should not hold something against someone that can
affect their employment. A big problem in america is how difficult it is to
land a job after jail. NB should be working to help society, not keep those
at the bottom there in perpetuity.
On Feb 22, 2015 12:16 PM, "Kevin Mitnick" <kevin.mitnick at outlook.com> wrote:

>  Jake,
> > A while ago we at Sudoroom decided to ban "Rus" for stealing.
> >
> > He asked us not to and pled his innocence, but we did so anyway.
> >
> > Shortly afterward, he did something bad at Noisebridge (which you can
> read
> > about on the 86 page if you like) and he was officially banned from
> > Noisebridge and thus double-banned from Sudoroom, whatever.
> Right here we have evidence that he did in fact steal stuff.
> > Anyway, he asked me in IRC to please remove his full name from the wiki:
> >
> >> "I'd really appreciate it if my first and last name were removed from
> the
> >>  page. Rus alias "aero" would suffice, I think. I just don't want my
> >> potential employers stumbling onto the 86 page and seeing that I was
> >>  fucked up at the hackerspace."
> >
> > I did so and I didn't think it was a problem.  Then on 2015-1-29:
> >>  Scotty:
> >>  Undo revision 46439 by Jake (talk) Adding Back Rus's full name. It's
> >>  important for NB and other hackerspaces who we share ban info with to
> >>  have full, unique identifiers on people we've banned.
> And now he's asking for details about his transgressions to be removed
> from the wiki and you're okay with that?
> > personally, I don't think it's necessary to have his full name on the
> wiki
> > and it could interfere with his employment.  It's not like he injured
> > anyone.  Anyway at least the group should decide.
> So Jake, are you okay with thievery and don't mind seeing potential
> employers hiring a potential threat? If so, you're everything wrong with
> Noisebridge. We have had constant problems with theft and still are and yet
> you're trying to give thieves a pass. I cannot believe you'd condone this
> un-neighborly behavior.
> It's bad enough that when I last visited that my phone walked away "on its
> own" and nobody seemed to care.
> - Kev
> Kevin Mitnick
> (May or may not be the Kevin you think I am)
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