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Mon Feb 6 15:04:50 UTC 2017

Hi Andy, 

If you can, let me know ahead of time when you'll be coming by. I'll try to arrange someone to be the to assist you and move the components to a proper area. You can text me at (650)534-2166


On Feb 2, 2017, at 1:31 PM, Andy Ferguson <andyf at sonic.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I took the Python class at Noisebridge and continue to donate monthly even though I'm not coming there anymore. I have about $400 worth of mostly new electrical parts and components I'm not going to use that I'm willing to donate to Noisebridge. If I just come by and drop them off would that be okay? Or should I meet someone and let them be vetted. Most components are like RPI or Arduino related stuff, including PRIs, break out boards, jumpers, switches, relays, a monitor, keyboards, keypads, etc etc. Two or three shopping bags full of stuff.
> So, anyone around later today if I drop by with the stuff? Or should I wait?
> Thanks
> Andy
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