[Noisebridge-discuss] Got a copy of "User Experience Team of One" I can borrow?

Steve Phillips steve at tryingtobeawesome.com
Sat Jul 22 04:33:41 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Does anyone have a copy of "User Experience Team of One" I can borrow for a
couple days?  I am trying to learn how to do user experience testing well
in a very, very short period of time -- I'm already scheduling user
interviews with people to talk to -- and some very good designers are
raving about this book being great at teaching exactly this.

I will go to you and can meet you anywhere in the SF area to get it, and
would happy to pay you $5 or $10 for letting me borrow it.  (I'd rather not
pay Amazon $33 for a book I only need for a couple days.)  And I'll be at
NB from 4pm to 10pm tomorrow if you happen to want to meet there.


The user testing will be for the Pursuance Project
<https://pursuanceproject.org/>, started by persecuted (and prosecuted)
journalist and activist Barrett Brown, and where I'm the lead developer and
project manager.  We're building software to enable large numbers of
like-minded people to join forces to effectively oppose injustice.  I did a
radio interview the other day about Pursuance, which you can find here


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