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Hi Em,

Please come and visit!

Our weekly meeting is a good way to get an intro to Noisebridge, and to introduce yourself, and find some people to talk with for your research.  You can also come any evening, if you like.  Follow our one rule (which is:  Be excellent to each other), and you're welcome any time.

If you come any other time, just ring the Noisebridge doorbell, and someone will buzz you up and give you a tour.

I'd normally be happy to talk with you in person, but I'm leaving town tomorrow (Wednesday) for 7 weeks.  But there are plenty of cool people to talk with at Noisebridge.



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Hey Noisebridgers,

My name's Em, I'm a PhD student researching gender and the maker movement at University College London. I'm going to be in San Francisco from 30th June to 6th July and I would love to come and visit, I was wondering if it's worth coming along to the Tuesday evening meeting or if people are going to be busy with 4th July celebrations? Is there a better evening to drop in?

It would be great to chat to someone about the space and how you've developed your community, I'm visiting a few feminist / anarchist spaces along the west coast and am hoping to identify some practical interventions that I can take back to makerspaces in the UK to improve gender diversity.



Emma O'Sullivan
Department of Science and Technology Studies
University College London
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