[Noisebridge-discuss] roomba scooba charger?

Stephen Calnan asciimo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 22:42:41 UTC 2017

I do. Along with a Scooba that I've been considering giving away. Let me 
confirm that the adapter is the same you described, and I'll give you 
the whole thing, including the box! It has an unreliable clean fluid 
valve, causing it to stop prior to the liquid dispensing phase. It 
worked great before that issue.

On 03/16/2017 03:16 PM, Jake wrote:
> do you, or someone you know, have a roomba scooba floor mopper robot?
> my friend found a scooba in the trash and i sent it to my nephew to 
> play with
> but there was no charger, and it uses a different connector for the 
> charger
> plug and I don't know what the pinout is.
> http://www.ebay.ie/itm/iRobot-Scooba-Power-Supply-AC-Adapter-Charger-Model-13143-Roomba-/262603186106 
> it has a DIN-5 connector like MIDI but it only uses 3 pins.  There are 
> pictures
> of the charger on the web, but the label on the charger shows the 
> pinout for
> the original barrel connector :p
> i want to measure someone's scooba charger so i can send him one or 
> something.
> did you know they're eays to hack and tell them where to drive? they 
> have a
> serial port and you can just plop a small computer on top and drive it 
> around,
> looking through the webcam.
> -jake
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