[Rack] new: horsy attached monitor for dual display

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Wed Dec 1 22:35:08 UTC 2010

On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 01:56:17PM -0800, Patrick Keys wrote:
> I had an extra 17" flatpanel that I wasn't using.
> I am loaning it indefinately to noisebridge.

FWIW, we don't do "loans".  If it's your property, please don't store it
at Noisebridge.

If you'd like to donate it free and clear, then great!  Slap a NB
sticker on it, hook it up, and don't be sad if someone uses it to
construct a giant robot.

The reason we do things this way, told through a series of hackerspace

Joe "loans" a drillpress to Noisebridge.  One day Joe shows up with some
lumber, but Jane is already using the drillpress to construct a giant
robot.  Joe says "hey, that's my drillpress, you'll have to stop so I
can drill my lumber".

Joe donates a foosball table to Noisebridge.  It's not a very good
foosball table, but you can sorta play a game if you don't mind dealing
with the jank.  Several hackers are annoyed by the foosball table taking
up a bunch of space that used to be flexible, but is now dedicated to
the foosball table (because you can't move it out of the way without it
stabbing your eyes out).  Further annoyance is caused by random lusers
playing games at Noisebridge instead of hacking the planet.  Some
hackers turn the foosball table into a giant robot.

Joe donates a fancy soldering iron to Noisebridge.  It's sweet.  Some
random n00b uses it for "n00bs first soldering lesson", then leaves the
tip sitting on a sponge and oxidizes the crap out of the tip.  The tip
is ruined.  Jane notices that the previously-fancy iron is now fucked,
writes up a "HOWTO not fuck up the soldering iron" on the wiki, prints a
copy to post by the iron, and buys a new tip (which she donates to
Noisebridge).  Joe doesn't have an aneurism due to some douche fucking
up his shit.

Joe loans a fancy projector to Noisebridge.  Two months later it gets
stolen.  Nobody knows what happened to it, but Joe asks the board to
reimburse him for the loss.

So in summary, please don't loan things to Noisebridge.  Either donate
them (and cede property rights), or keep them on your member shelf.

-andy (yes, you have to fill in the ending of each story yourself.)

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