[Rack] monkeybrains internet

Dr. Jesus j at hug.gs
Fri Feb 4 18:27:07 UTC 2011

On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 9:23 AM, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:
>    good to support mom and pop locals, even if
> their names are rudy and alex.
>    good to have a second medium for internet
> access.
>    use is pretty much a matter of default choice.
> how can the lan be set up to round robin or
> otherwise balance the use of the two ISPs (i.e.
> users turn on their laptops and connect to the
> LAN and access the internet either through
> Comcast or Monkeybrains transparently)?

jof and I set up CARP + pfsync on the flashrd routers.  Right now it's
supposed to fail connections over if one of the circuits goes down.
There's a facility to use both connections at the same time on a
per-machine or per-connection basis, but it's not turned on.

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