[Rack] request for information and/or instruction for Linux SysAdm class : DNS

jim jim at systemateka.com
Wed Dec 26 19:25:00 UTC 2012

    I believe the Noisebridge infrastructure includes a 
DNS server. 
    There have been repeated requests for DNS info for 
the Linux System Administration class (Tuesdays from 3 
to 4:30 PM with a recap from 6 to 7 PM that evening). 
    Could any one of you who understand the setup help 
us create a 1.5 hour DNS class? Minimally that would 
probably include a tour of the files that are working on 
the NB LAN with a little explanation as to purpose and 
critical techniques (space characters or tabs, indents, 
upper or lower case, blocks or stanzas or whatever--
formal aspects of file structure). We can develop a 
talk from that info. 
    We'd welcome any of you who want to present such a 
talk (much preferable). If you feel uncertain about your 
ability to present a talk, I at least am willing to take 
time with you to develop a 1.5 hour talk. 

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