[Space] launch plan for Sunday!

Mikolaj Habryn dichro at rcpt.to
Sun Feb 7 10:37:57 UTC 2010

Sunday launch plan:

we're going to the San Luis Reservoir, unless weather tomorrow
suggests otherwise. We'll be launching from somewhere between there
and the middle of central valley.


9am: Ozzy and I will be at Christie's place, at 1645 Folsom St. We'll
depart from here (with anyone else that wants to join us) to head
south down 101.
10am: Michael and Andrew will join the convoy from Mountain View
11am: we arrive, and start setting up

I suspect filling up the balloon will be a long and drawn out
procedure, which is lucky, because anyone not dealing with that will
be dealing with mechanical setup of the payload, which is currently
loose electronics rattling around in a cooler. We have twice as much
helium as we need, and three unopened balloons, so we have some margin
for error.

The odds of us actually getting off the ground by noon aren't high, so
if anyone wants to come later in the day, please do - if all goes
well, the chase will run into the late afternoon, so there'll be much
going on. My number is 415 508 6087.


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