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I plan on getting a ton of spices for my own personal use at a the
business listed below.  They sell in bulk so instead of $6 for a 3oz
jar of paprika, it's $3 for a 1lbs bag.

So, what I am offering is a pickup of orders that I will bring to
Noisebridge.  If you place and pay for orders to this company, I will
pick them up and deliver them to Noisebridge Monday, the 20th.  Just
tell me you have an order to pick up, and I'll add it to the list.
Also, let them know that Corey McGuire will be picking them up as a
bulk order for Noisebridge on Monday the 20th, just to cover all our

Tasty-bridge folks, if you want to place a large order for spices,
food and cooking accessories, this place offers a lot.

California Kitchen Supply Inc Carlson Kitchen Supply

50 Mendell Street # 12
San Francisco, CA 94124-1751

  (415) 648-2601

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