ZinesFromOuterSpace [zine] Advance praise for ZiP02!

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Mon Apr 16 06:41:06 UTC 2012


That's the back cover. This is the 1st page / table of contents.


Print copies will be available this week. We may in fact have a
zine-printing party @ NB late Tuesday, then folding & stapling Wednesday.
Great stuff this time, better than the 1st. I really hope people will check
it out.

Here's the list of contributors (and most of these aren't just my

*Contributors** - *(sorry if I forgot one or 2)*

*The Whimsical Wizard of ZiP (Whimzy)*
*Gavin / Gnnr*
*Adam Engelhart*
*Alex: The Kid *
*Vonguard / Alex H.*
*Carl G.*
*Svenja Ubl*
*Josh Juran*
*Richard Stallman (Interviewee)Alex Peake (Interviewee)*
*Daniel Jabbour & Richard Enlow of the Psychedelic Society of SF*
*Justin Doerr*
*Terry L.*
*Gil of Xpress Magazine (photos)*
*Robert Han*
*James Sundquist

Colin Oscopy

Noah Paulagees*
*Valerie Shields*
*Steen / Mediapathic*
*Alan Rockefeller*
*Francisco Jimenez

Bill Pollock (No Starch Press)

Martin MacKerel

Chris Murphy (quote)

Johannes of Monochrom (quote)

The Aussie photographers
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